Blogging as a Dietitian: Finding Your Voice

What is a blogging “voice”?

Why your blogging voice matters

How I found my blogging voice

5 Steps to finding your blogging voice

  1. Define your ideal client avatar, think about how they talk and get a picture of them. Your ideal client avatar will also help you keep in mind any niche-specific words, phrases, and acronyms they use. Try keeping the picture next to your computer when you’re writing to help you remember who you’re writing for.
  2. Write your SFD (shitty first draft). No one but you will see your first draft. Just start writing. Don’t censor yourself. I’ll even challenge you to leave the misspellings there until you start editing.
  3. Let your SFD sit for a few hours or overnight before coming back to edit. When you’re editing, look for language that doesn’t sound like words your ideal client would say, or want to read. If you need help finding different words, WordHippo is a great thesaurus.
  4. As you edit, break up those looooooonnnnngggg paragraphs and sentences. When people read they want short paragraphs — two to three sentences. And, they like short sentences. Rather than using “and blah blah blah” ask yourself if you can put a period before the “and” then start a new sentence. When you’re having a conversation with a friend do you go on, and on like some of those paragraphs? Probably not. A conversation is a give and take. Short paragraphs and sentences help keep the conversation moving.
  5. Show your work to someone you trust and ask them for their honest feedback. Ask them if it sounds like you. Give them your ideal client avatar and ask if they think it would work for them. Better yet, ask someone who matches or is close to your ideal client avatar to read it. Yes, I know this is hard. Trust me, it is better to have a trusted friend read it first and tell you ways to make it better than putting it out into the world without that review.

Key takeaways



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